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Commercial Judgment Recovery Corporation
Commercial Judgment Recovery Corporation


You are not alone - Over 80% of Court Judgments remain unpaid. You won the easy "Battle" - the Court awarded you a money Judgment. When you tried to collect from the debtor, you encountered the greater challenge - getting paid. There are many reasons for this travesty - Deadbeat debtors use all kinds of schemes to avoid their legal obligations. Unfortunately, the odds of collecting a debt diminish over time.

DO NOT LOSE HOPE!! Commercial Judgment Recovery (CJR) was started with a single Mission - to relentlessly enforce money judgments in the fastest possible time frames.

As a Judgment Owner, you have the right to sell your interest in a judgment to a third-party professional to enforce and collect your judgment.

With over 25 years of commercial credit experience, CJR specializes in the enforcement of judicial judgments. CJR has the expertise, specialized training, state of the art resources and commitment to convert your judgment into CASH!

If your judgment qualifies, CJR purchases your judgment on a contingency or future pay basis. Our collection fee is totally based on a percentage of what we collect. We advance all collection expenses and are paid by the debtor only when we collect. There is no cost to you if we are unable to collect.

To successfully collect the judgment award (and accrued interest)
that is lawfully yours, turn to the experts at CJR!
  • Experience, world class resources, industry affiliations, persistence.
  • No upfront fees - We only get paid if we collect.
  • Commitment to relentlessly enforce your judgment in the fastest possible time frame.
  • Never worry about your collected funds - Tract your assigned claims 24 hours a day / 7 days per week with our Password protected collection software.
  • Prompt remittances from our Trust Account.
  • Continual communications throughout the collection process.
  • Competitive Contingency Fees - negotiable rates for large dollar judgments and multiple assignments.

CJR offers a competitive Contingency Fee schedule that makes using our services extremely worthwhile. You pay no fees of any kind - CJR pays all investigative and legal fees. WE GET PAID ONLY IF WE RECOVER YOUR MONEY!

Contingency Fee Schedule
Face Value of Judgment Contingency Fee
Under $10,000 50%
Above $10,000 45%
Above $100,000 Negotiable

If your judgment has been dormant for several years, accrued interest offsets a large portion of the Contingency Fee. Calculate the CASH VALUE OF YOUR JUDGMENT and your EFFECTIVE CONTINGENCY FEE PERCENTAGE.

Your payment is long overdue. Make the smart decision and assign your
judgment to CJR � TODAY!

Monitor the collection of your Judgment 24 / 7 on our Password protected, state of the art collection software.