Commercial Judgment Recovery Corporation
Commercial Judgment Recovery Corporation


Now there's no need to be anxious about the status of your collected funds. With Casetracker123 Software, you have immediate and secure Password access to your active and closed accounts, payment history, and enforcement status. You will receive your confidential User ID and Password by Email after your initial e-Claim judgment submission.

Instant Updates - You will automatically receive Email updates of debtor payments and claim activity.

At any time - day or night, you may log in and . . .
  • Review and print out the current status of your judgment claims.
  • Conveniently submit new judgment claims online. (You will receive an Email message within seconds confirming the receipt of each new claim).
  • Upload copies of the judgment, application forms, or other documents.
  • Send Email messages to CJR on the Debtor's financial condition to expedite the collection process.
  • Edit your Profile (change Password, add Email addresses, etc).

Casetracker123 is a user friendly, internet-based, state-of-the-art collection and communication software. CJR is the first company in the judgment enforcement industry to utilize this revolutionary collection software.

Assign your judgment to CJR.